Husqvarna Viking 6370 – Common issues

Husqvarna Viking 6370 – Common issues

I found an old Husqvarna Viking 6370 sewing machine from online second hand shop. The seller told me that she has sewn with the machine a short while ago and that it works just fine. Well. I do not doubt the the machine sews – but how well it sews is a totally different story. Check these things to avoid the biggest problems.

Stitch selection knob was totally jammed to blue position, reverse button was stuck,  stitch length selector was stiff to turn and buttonhole mechanism could not be activated as the knob was stuck and could not be lifted up.

Those are very common problems with older Husqvarna Viking sewing machines. Blowdryer and teflon based spray lubricant worked perfectly again. However it took a whole day to release the stiffness. I sprayed the oil to one jam at a time and held small piece of fabric using tweezers so the oil did not spread all over the machine. Then I heated the spot using blowdryer and carefully turned the knob back and forth. When the jam slowly opened I added some oil and wiped dirty extra oil away with the cloth. I repeated the oil-blowdrier-turning-wiping procedure around 8–10 times before the stiffness was gone.

The biggest issues are related to the plastic parts inside

The most problematic issues of Husqvarna Viking 6000 series sewing machines are related to internal cam stack and take up slide as they are made out of plastic. Repairing tha machine is way more difficult and expensive if there are any cracks on them. It can also be difficult to find the spare parts. I was lucky – those parts were just fine in this machine.

Inspecting the common issues of Husqvarna Viking 6000 Series sewing machines

On the video I show how to inspect the condition of the parts and operation of functions of Husqvarna Viking 6370 sewing machine.

There were lots of other issues as well

This Husqvarna Viking 6370 sewing machine needed also shuttle timing, feed timing, sandpaper treatment for the needle plate and adjustments for thread feeding spring and top thread tension. I am really getting familiar with the Technical Briefing.

Download: Technical Briefing for Husqvarna Viking 6000 Series sewing machines

Accessories are difficult to find

There was only one cam included. I ordered one from eBay and got the third one from a member of “Ompeluelämää” Facebook group. She also sent me the extension table. I have been bying feet from here and there. One set of feet that I bought from is on it’s way from Sweden.

For a good cause

I have enough sewing machines for my personal needs and there is no more room in my house for an extra machine. I really enjoyed the repair project and I learned a lot.  I will donate this machine for a young asylum seekers / refugees.


Frontal view with the extension table
Frontal view without the extension table
Husqvarna Viking 6370 sewing machine from behind without the extension table
Husqvarna Viking 6370 sewing machine from behind with the extension table
Right end. On the bottom there is the power button which is also used for winding the bobbin thread.
Left end. On the top you can see the presser foot pressure adjustment knob.

Husqvarna Viking 6370 Manual

Unfortunately I only have the manual in Finnish. However the pics tell more than thousand words of any language. You can download the manual and browse it via the Issuu embed below.

Download The Manual (14 MB PDF)

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25 comments for Husqvarna Viking 6370 – Common issues

  1. Carrie says:

    Thank you for this video! I’m looking into getting a 6570 with issues (one of the knobs is stuck) and I was wondering if I could fix it.

    Do you know the difference bet this 6370 and 6570? They look identical.

    1. Hi Carrie. As much as I understand 6570 is technicallly identical sewing machine with 6370. The difference is that it was sold with more cams. 6370 has 3 three cams (A, B and C) while 650 has them up to H. Also based on Google image search it seems that 6570 was made both in white and in maroon colors.

  2. B says:

    Thank you for such a nice, clear video. Could you talk about the gearshift? I have this machine and something is slipping. It sounds like it is the gearshift because it will only sew slowly, as though it is stuck in the low gear. Thanks again!

    1. If the low gear is stuck – the knob on the bobbinwinder – will not go in – it needs somecleaning and oiling. However I am not having experience in taking that in to pieces so unfortunately I am not having more detailed answer. The best place to find more detailed information is the discussion group: and the Technical Briefing pages Reduction gear 150 and 168.

  3. André Delvaux says:

    Hello, thank for all those very clear information ! I found one of sewing machine with books ( hopefully in French for me) but with only a “A” cams ! I will try to start with it but I was wondering if it could make sens to buy the B and C cams that are previously made for this device , but also are also the others cams D=>K operational on this 6370 model ? Many thanks in advance André

    1. Hi André! Thank you for the comment. Yes, you can use the cams with letter D, E, F, etc. in this machine. Some models just have more letters on the front panel. Technically the cam mechanisms are the same in all 6000 series Husqvarna Viking sewing machines. However there might be issues with some stitches as some models have 4mm max stitch length and some have 6mm. That means some stitches might feel a bit too short when sewn with the machine that does not offer longer than 4mm stitch length.

      I would like to emphasize that the older Husqvarna Viking Type 19 and 21 Automatic models also use cams, but they do not fit in this machine. Those cams also have letters, but the cams are all black and totally different shape. You can see them in this photo: (black ones inside the wooden circle frame)

  4. Clive Rawsthorne says:

    Are the take up swivel available for the 2000 anywhere.

  5. Ron Melton says:

    To use hair dryer to free stuck reverse and free up hardened oil do I need to remove the back cover?

    1. Please see the video playlist that is embedded in this blog post. Especially videos #1 and #2 (Repair a Husqvarna Viking 6440 stuck in reverse Part 1 and Repair a Husqvarna Viking 6440 stuck in reverse or stitching to one side Part 2)

  6. Laurette Hackett says:

    I have this sewing machine and it just started to act up. One minute I was sewing then stopped and switched to low gear. After that it never engaged again. There is power and you can hear it working but the shaft does not go up and down. Although it does go up and down if I turn the hand wheel manually. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you

    1. It sounds like the reduction wheels are a bit stuck and they need some oiling as well. Please see the techinal briefing pages 150 and 168–170. All I know is based on that technical manual 🙂 If you need more professional help, please join the Yahoo Group.

  7. Susan Wiebe says:

    I just bought a Viking 6030. It will only do a straight stitch. No zigzag or decorative stitches. What are the possible repairs needed?

    1. It sounds like it needs lots of TLC. I am pretty sure that at least it requires removing and cleaning the pattern mechanism following the instructions in the Technical Briefing starting from page 137. Please use Tri-Flow or CRC 5/56. Do not use WD-40. I cannot tell without seeing and trying the machine if the stitch width and length units can be fixed “externally” without removing them as well. After that it most probably requires more or less all of the adjustments starting from page 65. So be prepared to read the whole Technical Briefing. There is also very useful information in the Yahoo Group Trust me – the group is just awesome – there are tons and tons of similar questions asked and thoroughly answered by real pro Bill Hollman. He is my hero 😀

  8. Tandy Willingham says:

    Is there a trick to freeing up the buttonhole cam shaft? I sprayed it & used the blow dryer but so far no luck. Any idea what I might be doing wrong. Method worked on the stuck reverse. It works great.

    1. Hi Tandy! Thank you for commenting my blog. Unfortunately I am not having a straight answer based on the information. However there are four things I can refer to: These two videos: and as they have useful information of the buttonhole mechanism as well. The third advice is to get familiar with the Technical Briefing. On pages 27–28 there is introduction to the mechanism. If the situation is bad, it might require removing the units and thoroughly cleaning them. That procedure is shown in the briefing starting from page 137. The fourth tip is to join the discussion group in and search the Q&A’s there 🙂

  9. pascale says:

    thanks a lot for all this precious information. And the notice, I lost mine, of my old viking 6370. I forgot how to made bottonholes… Bye, Pascale

  10. Catherine Scaife says:

    I have the Husqvarna Viking 6570 (it has more cams). I bought it new, way back when…40 plus years ago. It has been a brilliant machine, “known as a work horse” – a quote from the man who serviced it a few years ago. It started playing up a few weeks ago and I put it in for service as it has been a while since it was done. I collected it yesterday and to my dismay was told it had a cracked cam shaft and unrepairable because the parts are not available. Is this so? Would it be worth my while to try and search a replacement part? I have a new Janome with all the bells and whistles, but I am really attached to my trusty old Husqvarna. I feel like I’m regressing when I have to refill the bobbin. The Husqvarna is so easy.
    Kind regards

  11. Federico says:

    Hi, I noticed on Tori this very same model and also a couple of Husqvarna CL 21E. My main goal is to make my own backpacks, so I need something powerful enough to be able to stitch through foam and heavy nylon for shoulder straps and hip belts — at the same time being able to work with some more delicate fabrics (to make a tent, for instance), would be a plus. I have been recommended the 6370 because of the 1:5 torque thing. Would the 6370 be better for my goals than the CL 21E? Assuming either model would meet my needs, and given I would describe myself has having ‘two left hands’, which model would be easier to look after? Thanks for putting all this information online!

    1. Hi Federico! Based on your description both of the machines meet your needs. Just pick the one that has been serviced by a trustworthy mechanic and has all the feet you need making bags. If I was buyin such a machine from Tori I would check this seller:

      1. Federico says:

        Kiitos Pasi — Riverside is actually the seller of the CL21 E!

  12. Rich Wolf says:

    Thanks, I enjoyed your video on applying heat to the inside of a 6370. Unfortunately, it didn’t solve my problem. The smaller stitch selector dial turns, but the larger one with the colors on it doesn’t move, even after I heated up the inside quite well. It seems to go along with the reverse not working (when you push reverse, it stitches in one place.) Any further hints to solve what seems to be a frozen stitch selector. No apparent cracks, and the inside seems pretty clean.

  13. necchi nut says:

    Hi, Englishman here, I am looking at a Husqvarna 2000SL for €60 in The netherlands, it looks exactly like the Viking 6370, I have downloaded the Viking 6370 manual from your link, I am going to look at it tomorrow, to check the reverse and if any of the knobs are stuck, will let you know how I get on, Do you think this 2000SL model is the same as the Viking 6370? thanks

  14. Nathalie says:

    Is it possible to have this manual in French please ?
    whith my thanks in advance

    1. I assume this machine has been sold in France as well so there must be French manuals available “somewhere” as well. But how to find one, that´s another question and unfortunately I cannot help you with that.