Sewing machine mat

Sewing machine mat

A firm mat under the sewing machine reduces resonance and mutes the noise the machine makes. On the front edge there are pockets for scissors and other small stuff that is frequently needed while sewing.

Measurements and materials

  • bottom fabric 60 x 52 cm
  • thick stabilizer 60 x 40 cm
  • batting 60 x 52 cm
  • top fabric 60 x 52 cm
  • pockets by the pattern
  • 3 meters binding

I used light gray faux leather for the bottom. It is kind on PVC so it keeps the mat in place. Top fabric is a bit thicker decoration fabric that is normally used for thick curtains and pillow cases. It is slippery so small threads can easily be wiped out.

Cut the fabrics by the measurements and lay them on the desk in the following order:

  1. bottom fabric right side down
  2. thick stabilizer, align by top and side seams
  3. batting
  4. top fabric right side facing up
Lay the fabrics on your desk
Pin the layers together using safety pins. Start from the middle.

Stitch the layers together using quilting technique by your likings. FMQ is great for this project. I decided to follow the stripe pattern on the top fabric. The fabricks tend to move while sewing so be careful. I trimmed the edges after the stitching.


I made three pockets by the stripes of the fabric (4 + 6 + 3 stripes) so I got suitable storage for different sized stuff.

You can make pockets of different sizes using pattern A+B+C=60cm + seam allowances (marked with orange) on the bottom edge. Top edge edge of each piece is 2+2 centimeters wider that the bottom edge. The height of the pieces is 11 cm with seam allowance. You need two facing pieces of these. Cut and measure a piece of batting in between and stitch “the cake” using the same method as on the main piece.

After you have joined and stitched all the pocket pieces together bind the top edge of long pocket piece. Then pin and sew the pocket piece on the bottom edge of the main piece on the area where there is no stabilizer.

Top stitch the vertical seams that separate each pocket from the bottom all the way up to the binding (appr. 10 cm long seam). Sew some small enforcement stitches on top part of the seam. The pockets should stay a bit open.

How to sew binding?

Sherri Bain Driver shows how it’s done:

Sherri sews the seam on the wrong side by hand. You can do that too – I did not 🙂

I made it a bit differently. I sewed the right side exactly as Sherri told me to (thank you Sherri!) but the wrong side I sewed also with machine. I turned the binding on the wrong side a bit further than the previous seam and pinned it using curtain clips (you can use wonder clips, they are much better)
Then I top stitched the binding from right side. I used “stitch-in-the-ditch” foot and moved needle a bit right as you can see in this image. I like the looks of visible top stitching and this is also a way to make sure the stitches catch the binding on the wrong side on your work.

Hidden magnet

On the right lower corner of the mat I sewed a small piece of leather (taken out of old pair of jeans) and put a piece of strong thin magnet below that. I found the magnet in an old hard drive that I broke for security reasons a while ago.

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  1. Joy says:

    Good job, Pasi. I like your work. I tried to down load husquavarna 6370 manual and couldn’t. Maybe because I live in the U.S. in Idaho. PS. my maiden name was Moohonan? I’m not sure of the spelling. Later on my grandmother remarried and her name was Karna. My paternal grandmother and grandfather were born in Finland. You sure speak English beautifully. I met a young Finnish couple last winter and the young man told me he was here to learn the American version of hockey. He said it’s a lot faster game.

    1. Hi Joy! Did you mean this manual: I checked the button on this article: and it seems to work. I bet PDF-files are not prohibited in Idaho 🙂

      I think the family names you mentioned are Muhonen and Kärnä. And hockey? What is that. Never heard 😉