Woolen laptop sleeve with a belt

Woolen laptop sleeve with a belt

A belt found from a trift store ended up around woolen laptop sleeve. The belt happened to be exactly the right length.

I ripped most of the original edge stitches out of the belt before attaching it on the sleeve using top stitches of Husqvarna Viking 2000 Model 6030. I sewed slowly so the needle would have went through the old holes – did not quite manage doing so. I left both ends of the belt open, so the sleeve can be closed using the belt mechanism as usually.

Left: edge stitches ripped off. Right: All done.

Woolen fabric is so thick and porous that the fusible stabilizer will not stick on it. I decided to attach the stabilizer by top stitching by the pattern on the fabric. I used three-step straight stitch and yellow thread.

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Still planning and deciding the color of the thread.

I used the same instructions than earlier but I used measurements of 13″ MacBook Air. I like this so much that I am not going to give this to my friend but keep this for myself. Hmmmm – then I’d only need a new laptop…


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  1. Jesse says:

    The coolest laptop bag ever made. -The owner of the bag