Backup Sewing Machine – Husqvarna Viking 2000 Model 6030

Backup Sewing Machine – Husqvarna Viking 2000 Model 6030

I have been planning on bying a backup sewing machine for a while now. One day I dropped in Espoon Kone sewing machine store in Espoo Tapiola. There was very professional and friendly seller who (without me asking him to) introduced me to used sewing machines. I really warmed up to a though that my back up sewing machine was vintage.

Husqvarna caught my eye

Especially I remember Husqvarna Viking 6270. It was carefully and thoroughly serviced  and they promised five years (!!!) guarantee. However the price was almost 500 euros, which felt way too pricey for my budget. The machine is able to sew thick layer of leather using the worm gear that it has. The motor reduces the speed to 1/5 and increases the needle force respectively. Interesting.

Available on

On myway home I checked offering (local online, similar to eBay). There was a Husqvarna Viking 20000 Model 6030 for sale for a price as low as 50 euros. The machine was said to be fully operational but it has not been serviced for years. After a second thought I decided to go for it. I took the machine home the very same evening.

The machine had some issues, YouTube helped

Pretty soon I noticed that the machine sewed narrow zigzag only backwards and the know used when sewing buttonholes was stuck. Straight and three-step-zigzag operated well. I was a bit disappointed. I bought the machine well informed of the service situation, so there were no other options but to check if google can offer me any help. And it helped. I collected a YouTube playlist of videos that show how to repair Husqvarna 200 series sewing machines on a playlist (below). I followed the instructions as my machine looks pretty much the same inside as other 2000-models.

The machine is opened from the right end by the handwheel, the inside is heated using a blowdryer, the buttons are turned left and right, lubricant spray is used and some help of a screwdriver is needed. Instructions say that TriFlow would be the best spray lubricant for the job. Well – I used some CRC as well even though it is totally forbidden. It happened to be the only one I had at home. (I found teflon based spray later from a bike store). It took around an hour before the stickiest places loosened. At the end I added regular sewing machine oil basically on every moving part inside the machine. Now everything is working smoothly.

More information from a Yahoo group

I joined “Viking pre-1980 Sewing Machines” -Yahoo group. (edit: the group has moved to You can find tons of useful information on old Husqvarna Viking sewing machines there. The administrator of the group is a professional sewing machine mechanic specialized on Husqvarna. I have learned that 500 euros of well serviced fully operational Husqvarna 2000 series sewing machine is a reasonable price if it also has all the accessories. Servicing vintage sewing machine like this takes lots of time and special knowledge.

Even my 6030 works well I have planned on taking it to Espoon Kone for a proper service. I am pretty sure it serves me for a long time in the future.

A brief history of the machine

Around the 50’s Husqvarna machines were equipped with cams. They allowed sewing several different kind of stitches in addition to straight and zigzag. The first stretch stitches are found from the machines built on the 60’s. Model 6030 was the first sewing machine in the world that did not require lubrication. Well, the time has shown that it needs oiling after all. Husqvarna Viking Model 6030 was also the first model that had quick snap-on presser feet. The same system is still used on the latest Husqvarna models nowadays.

Read the story of Husqvarna Viking sewing machines


Husqvarna Viking Model 6030 full frontal without the extension table.
Husqvarna Viking Model 6030. On the right lower corner you can see the worm gear. Pulling it reduces the sewing speed and increases the needle force respectively.
Husqvarna Viking Model 6030 front left with extension table. On the top left side you can see the presser foot pressure adjustment knob.
Husqvarna Viking Model 6030 from behind. There is cam A installed. This machine has intact cam stack so all the cams and stitches are fully operational.
All the accessories are included.
husqvarna viking 2000 model 6030 cam stack
It seems that the cam stack has been replaced as it is intact and seems like brand new.


Husqvarna Viking 6000 Technical Service Manual

Husqvarna_Viking_6000_Vikingservicemanuals.pdf, 5 MB, 2.2.2016



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