Why a man sews?

Why a man sews?

Thanks for my sewing enthusiasm belongs to TV series Cougar Town. In the episode “Lost Children” (S02E13) it was discussed how adults can reduce stress by playing games from their childhoods. It made me think and I remembered that I liked to sew. I opened my computer and ordered a sewing machine right away.

When kids here in Finland changed school at the age of 14 to junior high school at the 80’s they had to choose between wood or textile handcrafts. At those times they were called boys handcrafts and girls handcrafts. I chose the girls handcrafts.

Our teacher visited our home before my first day at the new big school. He talked to me seriously that I could still change to boys handcrafts. He said that I would be bullied. I did not swap – actually I did not even understand what he meant. However it did not take too long before I realized what it was about.

They were absolutely correct in Cougar Town: sewing for me is therapy after all these years but most and first of all – it’ so much fun!


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  1. Ilean Landreth says:

    I am looking for a stitch pattern wheel/key for the Husqvarnq 21e I inherited from mymom. any idea where I might get a copy?