Husqvarna Viking Emerald 203

Husqvarna Viking Emerald 203

I bought Husqvarna Emerald 203 sewing machine online in autumn 2012. The feature list was long and the looks did not hurt my eye. The sewing machines rarely are beauties – except Bernina B380 perhaps, but that one was way out of the budget. I paid 735 € of Husqvarna which already felt a bit pricey.

Speed Control Slide gives me possibility to adjust the sewing speed to be always suitable. Usually I sew very slowly as I am a beginner and do not master the techniques.

Needle up/down button makes the needle to stay up or down automatically when sewing is stopped. I prefer the needle to stay down as it makes it easy to turn the fabric under the foot without losing control on the work. It is easy to lift the needle by pressing the button again or turning the handwheel.

Stop button is used to conclude a stitch or to sew just one unit of the stitch. Fix button ties off the stitch right away. I am so used to stop and fix functions that I just cannot imagine sewing without them.

There are tons of different stitches. Normally I just use straight, but buttonhole and button stitches are also needed regularly on my shirt projects.

Extension table was included in the package, but it feels a bit clumsy. Haven’t been using it.

There are plenty of feet available for Husqvarna Viking sewing machines. Button foot with placement tool and left edge top stitch foot have been very useful.

The machine has been perfect for my needs, I could not have been more satisfied with it.

Update 08/2014: The machine has been sold. I bought a new one.